Warm Blanket Award #4: Massage Envy

Perhaps the ultimate irony of being a mom is that after a long day of several small people pawing at you, the ultimate indulgence would be to surrender yourself to the expert hands of one large person.

Yet why don’t moms — most in need of massage — get massage?

Two reasons:

No Time. Most massage therapists schedule weeks in advance and many do not offer evening appointments.

No Money. Who can justify $100+ an hour for something “unnecessary,” especially if you may have sacrificed your salary for the unpaid career of mothering.

To the rescue comes the recipient of this month’s coveted Warm Blanket Award: Massage Envy.

massage envy logo 740612 Warm Blanket Award #4: Massage Envy

This nationwide “chain” of 810 massage clinics offers massage for just $49 an hour. They are open seven days a week and stay open until 10 p.m. every weekday. They have so many massage therapists that you really can get an “on-call” massage as easily as a booked-in-advance one.

This business model is ingenious. Too bad the marketing folks aren’t smart enough to shout this positioning right from the home page. Buried in the “About Us” section of the website is this copy which would make any mother swoon:

We have learned the primary reasons that people do not receive massages on a regular basis are time and price. Massage Envy has partnered with massage therapists whose prime objective is to be available more hours and charge less so that more people can take advantage of their services. We have utilized a membership based approach that brings massage therapy out of the elite and expensive circle and makes it available to everyone. We are committed to delivering a highly professional, very convenient and affordable experience every time.

As if we couldn’t love this company any more, they are offering $35 massages on September 15 as a Breast Cancer fundraiser. From all of us tired moms, we say to Massage Envy: “Thanks. We are putty in your hands.”

pixel Warm Blanket Award #4: Massage Envy

  • Anonymous

    Kat, I have been following your blog postings and I always learn something valuable. From a mom marketer in Australia, just wanted to thank you!!!

  • Kelly

    I'm going to try Massage Envy. I've seen their ads but reading about them here is what I needed to push me to them. Thanks, Kat. Love the blog.

  • Jill

    Yes, Massage Envy has very low pricing. The downside is that the Therapists are the ones taking the hit. Their Massage Therapists are underpaid and therefore overworked. I am a massage therapist and although I haven't worked at Massage Envy (and would never do so), I also don't know ANYONE who has worked for Massage Envy and felt like they were valued.

    Think about it, would you like someone's hands on you who dislikes there job? Who knows that they have to work over their capacity just to make a living? I don't. If you don't have the cash find a massage therapist who works on a sliding scale. There are many out there who want to support moms.

  • Kat Gordon

    Jill, thank you for exposing the other side of this equation. You pose some very good questions in your post. Pricing that works for consumers isn't always the best arrangement for the provider. And I agree that a good experience relies on a positive exchange of energy.