Kellogg’s Nutrigrain Campaign: Love It. Now Extend It.

Proof positive that a product doesn’t need to be sexy and a concept doesn’t need to be wildly creative to be successful.

Hats off to the folks at Kellogg’s who appear to be responsible for their own new TV campaign for Nutrigrain Bars.

Things to love about this campaign:

1). It’s simple

2). It’s contextual

3). We don’t see the person so we become the person

4). It has a simple, believable takeaway

5). It has legs. If I had the Marketing Director’s ear, here’s what I’d tell her:

“Create another spot aimed at moms with the ‘snack-cam’ following a kid from the donuts at soccer practice to the video game on the couch to the chauffeured roundtrip to school. The ‘after’ segment will feature a bike commute to school, fruit and Nutrigrain bars after practice, a game of good old-fashioned basketball with Dad in the driveway, maybe even, dare I say it, flossing…”

pixel Kelloggs Nutrigrain Campaign: Love It. Now Extend It.