"Feisty Mango." Amazon launches PayPhrase.

Slacker moms, rejoice! Amazon.com has created a brilliant shortcut for checkout on the Web. By creating a two or three-word PayPhrase unique to you, you can access your shipping and payment information in your Amazon.com account across the Web.

Here’s why this is a big win for Moms and mom-retailers:

1). A Mom’s head is already full of information. Numeric passwords simply don’t have the brain stickiness of a personally relevant phrase like “Delicious Caramel” or “Fiction Vixen.” She will love knowing this is one thing she won’t forget.

2). Letting moms shop at new online retailers without setting up an account is a double whammy win. The PayPhrase is a subtle Amazon.com nod that makes her more likely to trust a new e-tailer and the quick checkout makes her more likely to pull the trigger and buy from them.

3). You can set up a separate PayPhrase with a limited budget for tweens, teens and college students. You can even choose to approve each order individually via an e-mail or text alert when an order is placed. This is a fabulous way to teach kids about budgeting money and give them just enough leash to figure it out in a safe way.

The list of participating retailers is small right now, likely because the program is new. I have no idea of the back-end accounting and what piece of the transaction Amazon payments will take. But provided it’s not usurious, I would recommend any e-tailer looking to corner moms hop on this bandwagon.

pixel "Feisty Mango." Amazon launches PayPhrase.