Warm Banket Award #9: The Cosmopolitan.

bellboy%2Bad Warm Banket Award #9: The Cosmopolitan.

On the heels of last week’s rant post about how marketing to moms is hardly limited to baby products, I present Exhibit A. Or perhaps I should say Exhibit B for “bare-butted bellboy.”

Have you seen this campaign…the one that made ripples on TV during Mad Men with a spot of baby chicks and puppies and a woman licking a plate clean? Yep, that’s the one. The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas — the newest hotspot on the strip — is shaking things up with its irreverent campaign, punctuated with a tagline I adore:

Just the right amount of wrong.

These six little words are the bridge that connects to Momville. When you spend your days (and nights) doing right: being the dutiful mom who cooks/cleans/launders/carpools/lullabies/bathes and otherwise supports life as it’s known among the under 5-foot set, this tagline is a siren call.

What it screams is this: you’re young and tired and imagine how 48 hours away from the same-old same-old could be the very injection of fun you and your equally-depleted hubby need. Rest assured it’s the “right” amount of wrong, so you can still return home on Sunday and proudly wearing your “Maddie’s Mom” badge at drop-off Monday morning. No one will be the wiser.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all ad in terms of Mom appeal. There are plenty of moms who would think it’s the wrong amount of wrong, but I venture a guess that couples from L.A., San Francisco, Chicago — perfect distances for a Vegas getaway — will be curious enough to give it a try.

My husband and I hit Vegas for the first time in a decade last month, a week shy of The Cosmopolitan’s opening. My big takeaway was what a grown-up vacation it is. Swanky hotel. World-class food. Gambling. Booze.

Just the right amount of wrong, exactly as the ad promised.

pixel Warm Banket Award #9: The Cosmopolitan.

  • Fred

    I love the line, too, and will no doubt rip it off in the future…

    The styling is a bit odd though. The luxury cues (the luggage, for example) seem over the top for a nascent brand. Other cues, like the bellboy's cap, seem at odds with a hotel that deems itself "cosmopolitan."

    Of course, none of that matters — it's the playfulness that drew you in, the opportunity for escape. That is what defines the entire Vegas category.

  • Fred

    I just tripped over another brand with a similar tagline structure: IFC (Independent Film Channel) proclaims itself "Always On, Slightly Off." See, it's catching . . .