Moms are disgusted! Sales are brisk!

Say what you will about focus groups: they’re impersonal, ineffective, unreliable. But by using focus groups as the concept itself, Electronic Arts has worked the one-way mirror to their favor.

Slimy bastards. They really pulled a fast one on moms with this campaign.

They invited unsuspecting mothers in, one by one, and subjected them to the newest EA video game: Dead Space 2. Each woman grimaced, gasped, covered her eyes, and declared in the end: “I hate it!”


The focus group tape became the ad itself, promising gamers their moms will hate this game — the best badge of excellence imaginable for teenage boys.

Then, to ensure the spot went viral, EA created a hashtag on Twitter — #yourmomhatesthis — and invited guys to tweet their own mom’s reaction to the gore-a-thon. It worked. The spot is on track to get a million YouTube views within its first week of release.

As a mom, I fall squarely into their trap: I HATE THIS DESPICABLE GAME AND HOPE MY SONS NEVER, EVER SEE IT.

Yet, as a marketer, I reluctantly tip my hat. They excelled at the number one rule of marketing: know your audience.

pixel Moms are disgusted! Sales are brisk!

  • Allyson


  • Fred

    Nasty! Good-nasty.

  • Wendy Wright

    I saw the hash tag without knowing the background and even that got my attention! I don't like these games either but I too admire the marketing!

  • Anonymous

    I'm a mom/copywriter who happens to work at the ad agency that created this campaign. I find myself saying, "Hey, that's very clever, and I want to do some awesome work for Electronic Arts too!" and in the next breath saying, "But not on THAT horrible game!" No matter how much I pride myself on my professional skills, I'm a mom first, and that guides my choices. You listening, advertisers?

  • Stacey

    Gotta love it!