Warm Blanket Award #13: Hyundai

Now this is a good ad. It connects a product feature most folks don’t give a second thought to — battery life — to everyday experiences we all can relate to.

The reason I single this ad out for excellence in marketing to women? First, that it clearly gets that women buy cars. According to Road and Travel magazine, women account for 65% of new car purchases, 53% of used cars, and influence 95% of all auto purchases.

Yet automotive continues to be one of the biggest offenders, industry-wise, when it comes to marketing to women. Tune in February 5 to the Super Bowl and watch the macho-a-thon of car ads to see what I mean. So many ads shot at high speeds none of us will ever reach driven on stretches of road unfamiliar to our GPS.

Truth is, cars are all about being inside them. How functional is the space, how thoughtfully is it appointed? We care less about how sleek a car looks to an outsider, or how it can eat up pavement, but rather how the experience of owning it and riding it will be, especially in the company of small children.

So kudos to Hyundai for elevating a small feature of its car to one less thing busy moms will have to think about.

pixel Warm Blanket Award #13: Hyundai

  • katgordon

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