Wet Blanket Award #12: eb5

SCN 00013 e1327019583605 218x300 Wet Blanket Award #12: eb5Paging all readers of this blog who aren’t newbies here: tell me — what is wrong with this ad?

I hope the basics we cover here about marketing to women — the honesty and respect and reality — have become so ingrained in you that you regularly call BS on ads you see out in the world.

Like this one.

Oooh, it’s so bad, it’s good.

A shirtless JFK Jr lookalike nuzzles his mother — no, wait — it’s his wife!

She gets her four E’s every day: exercise, eat right, eb5… and Eddie.

They forgot one: embarrassment!

Don’t get me wrong. I believe moms who read Ladies’ Home Journal, where this ad appeared, want to look younger. But not so they can cougar themselves silly.

We’re far too busy running companies and raising kids who will hopefully save our planet and otherwise “living our age” to be bothered with robbing cradles. Yes, we salute the Susan Sarandons and Demi Moores out there who pull it off for a while — but it’s not an aspiration of everyday women to chase much, much younger men.

We’re got much, much bigger plans for our wrinkle-free selves, thankyouverymuch.


pixel Wet Blanket Award #12: eb5

  • http://www.eileenbordy.com/ eileenerb

    Um, eewww, right down to the Photoshopped wedding ring. Not buying it or eb5, even if those are my initials. A dude definitely wrote this one.

  • http://fred.co.com/ Fred

    So “cougar” is now a verb? How do we know Eddie isn’t a kept man? Maybe the consumer benefit of eb5 is that it constricts your facial muscles so no one can tell when you’re lying . . .